Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Videos

Class of 2023

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Introduction from Tom Kairis 


Alumni Hall of Fame


Bill Barr/Mike Strmac Induction 

Dr. Esther Choo Induction

Col. David Knollmeyer Induction

John Pike Induction

Dr. Robert Pinkel Induction

     - acknowledgement 


Athletic Hall of Fame


Scott Bliss Induction

     - acknowledgement

Jennifer Dahler

Eric Neily (Eric Hehl)

Patty O’Callaghan

     - acknowledgement 

Dan Shaker

     - acknowledgement


Staff Hall of Fame


Roger Canfield

Arthur Saarinen

     - acknowledgment 


1985 Girls Volleyball Team will receive the Legacy Award.


1964 Swim Team 


Closing remarks from Tom Kairis