Fairview High School History


Fairview High School opened in January 1929.  Prior to its opening all Fairview Park high school students attended West High School or West Tech High School in Cleveland, and later Rocky River High School.


When Fairview High School was first constructed it contained 21 rooms and could accommodate 450 students.


The school was formally dedicated on January 8, 1929. Its first students were enrolled that same January with the sophomores being the upperclassmen. These students were the first to graduate from Fairview High School on June 1, 1931.


The first addition to the high school was built in 1948 to accommodate a growing enrollment and an expanding curriculum. The addition included new industrial arts facilities, a 1,000-seat gymnasium and various assembly rooms. The original shop area was remodeled as a cafeteria.


Between 1952 and 1954, ten new classrooms were added as well as an art room, a music suite with practice rooms, a business education complex and an auditorium with a seating capacity of 844. The new facilities made for a structure almost as large as the original building.  The library was doubled in size, the cafeteria was enlarged and the home economics wing, which was part of the original building, was modernized.  The dedication of the auditorium was combined with the 25th anniversary celebration of the opening of the original section.


The high school swimming pool opened in June 1961.  It was the largest pool of any Cuyahoga County school at the time.  In 1964, the science wing saw expansion with the addition of seven classrooms and a planetarium.  An auto mechanics building, located by the athletic practice fields, opened on the highs school grounds in October 1970.


Most recently, the Gemini Project brought changes to the high school complex, which included a large recreation center to be used by both the school system and the community.  Major changes were also implemented at the other buildings in the district.  The Gilles-Sweet facility is a brand new K-6 building and the only elementary school in the district.  The Parkview facility is now the seat of the Board of Education offices, a day-care center, a pre-school and kindergarten.