Class of 1931

Margaret Schaefer Goebelt '31

Class of 1935

James Dunson '35

Class of 1943

M. Frank Rudy '43

Class of 1946

Maxine Waack Field '46

Class of 1953

Gordon Hubbell, D.V.M. '53

Class of 1954

Paul Droste '54

Classof 1955

Gary Denne '55

Chief Judge Paul R. Matia '55

Thomas Taylor '55

Class of 1956

Douglas Asad '56

Jeanne Anne Clement, Ed.D. '56

Class of 1957

Carl Henning, Ph.D. '57

Richard Traver '57

Class of 1958

Carol Burkhart Furtwengler '58

Class of 1959

William Kunkle '59

Class of 1962

Dennis Papp '62

Class of 1963

Clare Hogling Jones Ph.D. '63

Class of 1964

Dennis Guenther "64

James Leffingwell '64

Rabbi Sally J. Priesand '64

Gary Skoog '64

Class of 1965

Alan Falquet, Ph.D. '65

Patricia Leonard Fessenden, Ph.D. '65

Class of 1966

Edward Bettendorf '66

Arthur W. Hogling, Ph.D. '66

Class of 1967

Sidney Sink '67

John Uschlbec '67

Class of 1968

Brian Haagensen '68

William Summers '68

Class of 1969

Donna Congeni Fitzsimmons '69

Vic Orban '69

Class of 1971

Mark Summers '71

Class of 1972

Kristen Bloodgette '72

Rene Hernandez '72

Stephen Senderoff '72

Class of 1973

Richard Pocker '73

Class of 1975

Kathy Gould Dawson '75

Joe Surniak '75

Ron Varga '75

Class of 1976

Danute Bankaitis-Davis '76

Michael Pochatek '76

Class of 1977

Peter Hollick '77

Eileen O’Connor '77

Trudy Keuchel DeRoma '77

Class of 1978

Mark McDonough, M.D. '78

Class of 1979

.Elaine Schulte, M.D. '79

Class of 1980

Lisa Bernard Rachul '80

Carole Keuchel Heimke '80

Class of 1982

Theresa Conroy '82

Laura M. Lengel, Ph.D. '82

Class of 1983

Susan Baylon Fries '83

        Jamie Mueller '83

Class of 1985

Pat Hoy '85

Class of 1986

Lt. Col. Thomas Knolmeyer, M.D. USAF

Lori Longo '86

Dan Schmidt '86

Class of 1988

Robert Kelly '88

        Hans P. Larsen '88

Class of 1989

Mary Nock '89

Class of 1990

Kim Farington, CPA '90

Class of 1991

Brian Weir '91

Jeremy Zarins '91

Class of 1992

Anthony Pariano '92

Class of 1994

Nicole Jaycox Anderson '94

Class of 1995

Patrick Knaze '95

Ken Kurz '95

Drew Pariano '95

Class of 2000

Tudor Dan Dimofte, Ph.D

FHS HOF Nomination form - revised 8:16.p
Adobe Acrobat Document 31.3 KB


The Fairview Park City Schools Alumni Hall of Fame: The Official Nomination Form


To nominate a candidate you must use the official nomination form.  Other methods of nomination will not be considered.  You may nominate as many individuals as you wish, but you must use a separate official form for each nominee.


In order to be considered for induction into the Hall of Fame Class of 2023 Induction, complete nominations and supportive material must have been received by March 1, 2022.  Nominations received after this date will not be reviewed or considered for 2023 Induction.



Please note: By submitting this document, you attest to the validity and to the accuracy of all information provided.


The Hall of Fame will conduct a final background check on all elected nominees.


If nominating a student athlete, verification of statistics must be provided. These can be in the form of press articles, such as the Sun Herald, The Plain Dealer, or WestLife. You must include dates of when such achievements or record-breaking stats took place.


If you have articles and other support materials, please mail them to: Tom Kairis, Chairperson, Alumni Hall of Fame, ℅ Fairview High School, 4507 W. 213th Street Fairview Park, OH  44126. You may also email materials to:

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.